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Dog Breeders - Looking for responsible, serious dog breeders? Look no further; check out the many members of Dog Breeders to find the p

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Dog Breeders

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Looking for responsible, serious dog breeders? Look no further; check out the many members of Dog Breeders to find the perfect pooch for you. Our members all uphold the highest quality in breeding standards, many breeding and raising the pups in home. View a variety of breeds through the main Ring or choose a specific breed among nearly two dozen "sub-Rings" for individual breeds.

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Showdown Aussies
Our focus at Showdown Aussies is on raising athletic, versatile Australian Shepherds with an eye on health, temperament, soundness, structure and biddability to compete in multi venues. Breeding stock is ASCA DNA, OFA, CERF clear annually and DNA Clear of the HSF4 cataract mutation .
Kenter Poodles
Small breeder of some show quality and pet poodles. They are part of the family, like kids. Never caged or kept outside. AKC registered
Chielle Chihuahuas: Quality That Shows!
Caring hobby breeder/exhibitor of superior quality AKC Chihuahuas, located in N.W. Louisiana, dedicated to beauty, health, soundness & temperament, from top producing, champion bloodlines, long & smooth coat varieties, show & pet puppies & adults available to approved homes, bred with care & raised with love, the AKC standard "come to life" in a beautiful rainbow of colors & patterns!
Retired AKC breeder of beautiful Chihuahuas-Bloodlines-Anika-s shares photos and thoughts on the breed.Showing Chihuahuas since 1988, world-wide recognition by Chihuahua Literature,Many Chihuahua-photos and Chihuahua links.Teacup-Chihuahua Myth or Fact? Discussion. Links to other cool Chihuahua Websites and Chihuahua Dog Breeders.
Elite Guardian Presa
Elite Guardian Presa are small hobby breeders. Our mission is to promote and improve the Perro De Presa Canario. We believe the Presa should have the correct conformation, temperament, and working ability. They can excel in a variety of ring sports. The presa is an elite family companion and guardian.

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Dog Breeders

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  • Dog Breeders: Weimaraner - 1 sites

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