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For people obsessed with the internet, and showing that on their website.

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Natya Dwani - Varnam Thillana [CD] - 02/07/2013
A Choreographic Guide ** The Varnam marks the complete flowering of a bharathanatyam dancer to his or her maximum potential. Unfolding in the Varnam are multiple sensitivities - the ability to hold a sthayi bhava and take the audience along, the ability to intricately weave together nriita and abhinaya segments in a seamless manner, a deep understanding and appreciation of musical and rhythmic nuances and a chance to aesthetically demonstrate one's mettle as a choreographer and performer. The Thillana signals the blissful culmination of the dancer's inner journey, truly a celebration of movement that is marked by precision of movement and expertise in choreographic intricacies. This CD provides a simple skeletal structure of jathi-s, aruddi-s, and nritta movement patterns that may be adapted to use in any varnam that has the same layam in Adi or Rupaka Thalams. Also presented are movement-rhythm variations that may be incorporated in the thattimettu segments that delineate the culmination of each abhinaya segment. In the same manner, a few variations of possible nritta patterns has been presented using a sample thillana format, which may also be incorporated when choreographing other thillana-s that share the same layam. This CD is presented by Shri. Gajendhran who is an accomplished musician and nattuvanar. Shri. Gajendhran is also a prolific writer and has penned the lyrics and composed music for the solo and group productions of leading artistes in India and abroad. A wide...

Natya Dwani - Varnam Thillana

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