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For people obsessed with the internet, and showing that on their website.

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Teeccino - 01/14/2013
The fine folks at Naturally Savvy and Teeccino sent me FREE TeeChia Gluten-Free Super Seeds cereal and Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee to try... but they didn't put any words in my mouth. The cereal isn't like you think; it's not crunchy pieces, but looks and is prepared sort of like oatmeal, although it has instructions to make a cold version as well. To me, a cold glob of grains is nasty whatever the actual ingredients are, but YOU might like cold oatmeal, in which case you'd probably be fine with the cold version of this cereal; I'll stick with the hot version. Their idea that this cereal is "naturally sweet" because they've added a little bit of fruit is a fantasy; it doesn't taste sweet at all, and a ton of sweetener needs to be added to make it edible. Once it's fully sweetened, it's a reasonably tasty cereal, with a complex flavor and lots of different ingredients. The varieties they sent me are: and Both cereals are gluten-free, and packed with healthy and nutritious ingredients; if you're looking for an oatmeal-type cereal and don't mind adding sweetener, this could be worth a try. The herbal coffee does not taste like coffee. It's got an interesting flavor, and it's drinkable, but it's not remotely a replacement for your morning java. Still, if you want a different ho...


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