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Beekeeping and Honeybees - The Beekeeping and Honeybees Ring is a great place to find beekeepers sites and information about how to keep bees and p

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Beekeeping and Honeybees

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The Beekeeping and Honeybees Forum is a great place to find beekeepers sites and information about how to keep bees and produce honey. Here you can keep up with the newest techniques for beekeeping and find resources for apiaran technology.

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Royal Jelly Protection from Radiation Therapy - 05/08/2013

One element we consistently find in studies is the protective properties of honey bee products. Now, more proof of Royal Jelly's protective effects from radiation or Radiotherapy. These protective qualities are also true with Honey, Propolis, Bee Pollen and when combined generate a Synergistic effect enhancing all their protective properties... Effect of Royal Jelly on Serum Trace Elements in Rats Undergoing Head and Neck Irradiation Kulak BurunBogaz Ihtis Derg , 2013 Jan-Feb;23(1):37-43 OBJECTIVES : This study aims to investigate the effects of radiation on serum trace elements and the changes in these elements as induced by royal jelly in rats undergoing head and neck irradiation. MATERIALS AND METHODS : Thirty-two Sprague-Dawley male rats at the age of eight weeks with a mean weight of 275±35 g were included in the study. Subjects were divided into four groups with eight rats in each group: group 1: controls (C), group 2: radiation-only (RT), group 3: radiation plus royal jelly 50 mg/kg (RT+RJ50) and group 4: royal jelly 50 mg/kg-only (RJ50). Radiotherapy was applied to the head and neck area by single fraction at a dose of 22 Gy. The royal jelly was given once daily for seven days . The subjects were sacrificed on the seventh day of the study. Trace elements in blood samples were measured using ICP/MS method. RESULTS : When the trace element levels among the groups were compared using ANOVA test, a statistically significant difference was found in Al, As, Ca, Cd, Cr, K,...

Royal Jelly Protection from Radiation Therapy

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